How 4 creators behind some of TikTok's most viral filters and AR effects built their careers

Dere has no formal training in art or software, but since becoming a part of TikTok's studio, which the company calls Effect House, he's made several massively successful products. (Sometimes he posts behind-the-scenes of his Adobe Photoshop process.)


TikTok also has a Euphoria filter that takes your surroundings from dull and drab to vibrant and fab. The filter gives your videos that classic blue and pink lighting that Euphoria is so well known for, and here’s how you can use it.

try searching for the creator who made the filter, @eren.dere. Tap on the star-shaped wand on their profile to see the filters they’ve created, then tap Euphoria.


How can I get the TikTok Euphoria filter?

In February 2022, a new Euphoria-themed filter started circulating TikTok and made users' surroundings vibrant in different shades of blue and purple.

to find the filter is by searching @eren.dere, the creator of the filter, then clicking the star-shaped wand on their profile and selecting the Euphoria filter out of the list of ones they have created.


Winner of the TikTok British Fashion Council x Effect House challenge

Meet the winners of the British Fashion Council x TikTok Effect House Challeng, who designed bespoke TikTok effects inspired by NEWGEN designers

Wetlook Dress by @eren.dere


How to get the bangs filter on TikTok

Now you can finally see what you'd look like with bangs thanks to a popular TikTok feature. While some people are finding out bangs aren't for them, the filter is encouraging others to get the chop.

created by the user @eren.dere. Select the correct effect and record your video by holding the camera up to your face. The filter should automatically apply the bangs to your head


How to do TikTok’s viral Euphoria eye trend

HBO drama series Euphoria is well known for its stunning visuals, and as its second season is currently airing, fans are constantly posting viral videos using the iconic songs from the show, recreating makeup looks, and more

User eren.dere even made a filter inspired by the show, and people have been using it as part of a viral trend that has people showing off detailed clips of their eyes to a remix of Bea Miller’s ‘Feel Something’ and Labrinth’s ‘Still Don’t Know My Name.’


How to use the bangs filter on TikTok

The latest to go viral is the ‘bangs’ effect, which, as the name suggests, gives people the ability to see what bangs would look like on them, and some people have found that the results are actually surprisingly realistic.

There will be multiple results for ‘bangs,’ but the one that is currently blowing up is by user eren.dere.

How to get the bangs filter on TikTok


The bangs filter on TikTok allows you to see what you’d look like with bangs before making the cut! The filter recognizes your face and gives you instant (and pretty cute) bangs. You can check out just how they’d frame your face and if you think the look works for you.

there are several filters that will give you bangs, but the one causing a stir is created by eren.dere.


Goatee Filter: Q&A With Eren Dere

"I made this filter because I wanted to see how a mustache and goatee would look on me. My main goal was to make a realistic filter for those who can't grow facial hair and I'm currently blown away by the virality!"

He’s the creative mind behind the Goatee filter and the ‘Paparazzi by Eren’ filter people were reeling over earlier this year.